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Principal | Jobs in New Zealand

The Principal is responsible for the day to day operations of the school, including supervision
of all teaching and non-teaching personnel, taking direction from the National Education
Guidelines, the New Zealand Curriculum Framework and the school’s Charter, Annual Plan,
and its policies.


The Principal is a Board member in their own right and at the same time, in the role of
Manager, fulfils a position as a consultant to the Board and its sub-committees.


The Principal is directly responsible to the Board of Trustees, through the Chairperson, for
professional leadership, curriculum management and motivating staff, relationship
management, administrative functions and contribution to and support of the Board of
Trustees. This job description sets out the duties and responsibilities of the Principal and forms
the reference point for performance appraisal which is the direct responsibility of the Board.


Extent of Authority
The Principal operates within legal requirements, the school’s strategic plan, policies and
budgets. The Principal is responsible for the welfare and education of the students and staff
and for specific duties delegated by the Board of Trustees.


Working Relationships
The Principal:
• Gives priority to ensuring the wellbeing and educational achievements of the school’s
• Gives priority to ensuring the wellbeing and professional learning of staff.
• Has positive relationships with parents.
• Helps to promote the interests and image of the school.
• Works as a member of the Board of Trustees


Professional Leadership and Curriculum Management

• Responsible for the classroom teaching and learning programmes which shall be in
accordance with the New Zealand Curriculum Framework and the National Curriculum
• Provide reports to the Board on student achievement, staff appraisals and professional
development, employment relations, health, safety and wellbeing, administrative
issues, planning, property and evaluation of educational programmes.
• Ensuring that records, student assessment and reporting to parents and the Board is
accurate and effective.
• Liaison with support agencies as appropriate.
• Preparation of an education plan based on a system of curriculum review and teacher
appraisal and keeping up to date by undertaking regular professional development
related to the school’s education plan.
• Assume the role of an effective educational facilitator. Provide teaching assistance to
staff and present a professional role model to students and teachers.
• Maintenance of acceptable levels of student behaviour within the school. Ensuring that
innovative educational strategies and current curriculum trends are investigated and
adopted if considered relevant.
• Ensuring that student achievement targets are set annually, monitored throughout the
year and reported on regularly.

Leading Staff
• Provision for staff to be fully involved in decision making processes within the school.
• Development of a Performance Management System that provides regular feedback
and encouragement and appraisal against relevant professional standards.
• Provision of a staff development programme that provides assistance and support that
brings about improvements in performance.
• Active participation in and contribution to school and community events.

Relationship Management
• Fostering a climate of trust and cooperation between the school and the community
and local iwi, by regularly communicating, consulting parents on important issues and
involving the community in the life of the school.
• Foster a climate of trust and cooperation between the school and other member
schools of Te Mana Roupō Kāhui Ako.
• Presenting a positive public relations image to prospective parents, groups and official
agencies when promoting the school.
• Ensuring that the needs and feelings of each cultural / ethnic group are respected.
• Develop and maintain effective relationships with the Board of Trustees

Administrative Functions
• Maintenance, within limits of the budget, of up to date teaching and learning resources
and ensure that these resources are used effectively in classroom programmes.
• Responsibility for the efficient day to day management of the school.
• Responsibility, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, for the appointment of all
• Recommendation to the Education Council regarding registration of teachers.
Contribution and Support to the Board of Trustees
Work collaboratively with the Board of Trustees in its role as governors of the school by:
• Advising it of maintenance needs of the school and developing long term and shortterm goals.
• Assisting in the development of policies and the setting of budgets and working within
the boundaries set by them.
• Assisting with the development and annual updating of a strategic plan
• Informing the Board of the school’s reaction to and participation in Ministry initiatives
and educational opportunities.
• Supporting the Board in their designated areas of responsibility.
• Maintaining strong communication links with the Board to ensure that all relevant
information is shared with Board members


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