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Teacher of the Hearing Impaired | Jobs in New Zealand

Teacher of the Hearing Impaired


Teacher of the Hearing Impaired jobs are on the Green List of New Zealand.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:


  • To use professional knowledge to address the needs of the deaf/hearing impaired learner population,
    while demonstrating respect for individual differences, cultures, and learning needs.
  • To assess the educational needs of learners who are deaf or hearing impaired as well as gather data to determine learner needs, measure learner progress, guide instruction and intervention and provide timely feedback to learners, families, and staff.
  • To communicate and collaborate effectively with learners, families, and staff regarding students with hearing floss.

This may involve:


  • Classroom observations of learners with hearing loss
  • Teacher training on the implications of hearing loss in the classroom setting
  • Parent training on the implications of hearing loss and its impact for the learner
  • Providing teachers with feedback regarding best practices for students with hearing loss in the classroom
  • Assessment of curriculum needs and teaching strategies
  • Assisting teachers in supporting the personal and social development of learners with hearing loss. 
  • Oversee the use of technical and other specialized equipment for learners with hearing loss
  • To oversee communication needs and language development in signed and/or spoken language as appropriate.
  • To provide training and teaching to children or staff where appropriate to facilitate the child’s
    learning, inclusion and independence. This may include the use of specialist equipment and
    teaching and learning materials.
  • To contribute to mandatory statutes including Individual Education Plans, Present Levels of
  • Functional Performance, and Annual Reviews.
  • To demonstrate behavior consistent with legal, ethical and professional standards.
  • To support and develop the work, skills and knowledge of teaching assistants working with children who are deaf or hearing impaired.
  • To work collaboratively with families, other professionals and voluntary organizations.
  • To maintain appropriate records as guided by service protocols to include: Individual Pupil records, Visit records, Records of assessments. Records of meetings and joint working with professionals and families.
  • Equipment issued.
  • To maintain and develop up to date knowledge of good practice in education, specifically in relation to children who are deaf or hearing impaired.



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