The Accounting & Finance Industry in New Zealand

Are you an Accounting or Finance professional? If so, we could help you make the move and now is the time!

New Zealand is a progressive nation that is moving forwards. There is a growing nationwide demand for Finance professionals. Renowned on the world stage for being innovative, diverse and advanced, New Zealand is booming. There has never been a better time to plan your move to New Zealand. Opportunities are ready and waiting for you. Now is the time to put everything in place so you can walk straight into a new life and role in your new country.

We can help you secure the right role and manage your visas for New Zealand

We are an Auckland based team of International Recruitment experts, Licensed Immigration Advisers and Relocation specialists with 25 years’ experience in bringing skilled professionals to New Zealand. We work with nationwide companies to find skilled people. These companies know and trust us based on our long standing relationships and expertise.

We have roles available across the hospitality sector, including:

   Auditors and Senior Auditors/Managers   /   Auditors and Senior Auditors/Managers   /   Auditors and Senior Auditors/Managers   /   Auditors and Senior Auditors/Managers   /   Auditors and Senior Auditors/Managers   /

Latest New Zealand opportunities

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Auckland – a young vibrant city

Enjoy employment opportunities for skilled workers, as well as offering a balanced lifestyle.

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New Zealand is looking for overseas talent to fill job vacancies in over 150 skill shortage areas.

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