A student visa allows you to participate in an eligible course of study, travel in and out of New Zealand and also work part-time. With a student visa, the type of course and it’s length will determine your approved duration of stay in New Zealand.

Based in New Zealand, we deliver a local, trusted point of contact between you and your family. We know the ins and outs of the New Zealand tertiary education system and work alongside the best education providers in the country. We’re here to welcome, guide and support you on your journey to New Zealand.

Studying in New Zealand is just the first step. Getting a job and a new visa so you can stay and work after your education is what we do.

Other Visa Services


Stunning landscapes, vibrant cities that are close to the beach, and multicultural communities, are just some of the reasons why New Zealand residency is at such a premium.

Work Visas

Individuals with sought-after skills and experience to join New Zealand’s workforce are in high demand. Get certainty on your immigration route to New Zealand.

Family Visas

Your entire family may also be able to take advantage of the country’s welcoming culture, world-class education and healthcare, and laid-back approach to life.

Employer Solutions

Working In has thousands of overseas workers committed to a move to New Zealand. They’re qualified and have their visa process already confirmed.

We’ve helped thousands of people find their happy place

“I don’t even know where to begin to thank Monika, Candy, Gabriella and Paul for their help with me obtaining my AEWV. It all started with a video call with Paul almost a year ago..."

Thomas Merkus
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“The team at Working In did a fantastic job at securing our visas under circumstances which would have made us give up if we hadn't had Zinny and the team supporting us..."

Laura Brittain
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Working In has been an invaluable partner in our immigration journey, especially during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the moment we engaged their services, they went above and beyond..."

Jakub Stechly
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“From the first meeting and all the way through, Working In was so helpful and positive, and keep us in the loop all the way through. Their professionalism..."

Mark Webster
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Working In is a team of professional and friendly people who provided excellent service and guidance to us since Day 1. The whole process of job searching..."

Emman Cua
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“Had a great experience with Working In. Supported through every stage of my migration journey! Thorough knowledge of the industry, clear objectives from the start..."

Abigale Kewin
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Working In was a real game changer for us. We have always been interested in moving the family to New Zealand and have spent a lot of time, on and off..."

Alice Madrin

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“I am extremely pleased with Working In and specifically with the management of my visa needs. A pleasure to work with. Very professional..." 

Marie Julie Bizet
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“The main reason we chose our candidate when we were recruiting was because they were ready to make the move and were further down the journey..."

NZ employer
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“The whole process was straightforward and streamlined. We're so grateful for how clearly Working In communicated with us - it made things very easy..." 

Nandita Andrade
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“I strongly recommend Working In to make your dream of moving to New Zealand come true! Our experience was so smooth. Every question was answered..."

Joefred Alcayaga

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“Everything was dealt with so well and I have been really happy with the service...” 

John Halleron
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