When you work with us, you will receive access to our MyMove portal!

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MyMove gives you…

  • the ability to track your move to New Zealand
  • updates on your visa progress
  • employment support to help you find a job
  • information about life in New Zealand
  • tips to help you settle into your new life

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Your new life begins here

MyMove is filled with videos and articles that help guide you on your journey to the New Zealand dream. It’s available free of charge to people who work with us to help manage their visa, get employment support, and make the move to New Zealand.

So how do you unlock MyMove? It all starts with a free move to NZ eligibility appraisal.

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MyMove covers your whole journey

Finding a job

Job applications

CV & cover letter templates

Acing job interviews


Banking & finance

Tax rates


Living costs

Community groups

Culture & customs

Refugee support

Working culture

And much much more…

Helping you find a job

Learn all about landing your dream job in New Zealand, from finding it and crafting the perfect application, all the way to nailing the interview.

Dozens of training videos cover the entire overseas employment process, even going into detail about how to reassure Kiwi employers that you’re eligible and ready to make the move.

You can also find CV and cover letter templates designed to catch the eyes of NZ employers!

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Helping you settle

Once you’re finally ready to make the move, it can be daunting starting your new life.

This collection of articles makes it easy for you to settle into your new home here. It covers every from how to use public transport in the city you’re moving to, all the way to setting up a new bank account. We even cover New Zealand culture, so you know what to expect!

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It all starts with a free eligibility appraisal to find out how we can help you make the move to New Zealand. Once you’ve signed with us, you’ll unlock the full MyMove portal!

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