The New Zealand Green List

Get New Zealand residency the day you land: check out the Green List jobs with residency pathways! Immigration New Zealand created the Green List to fast-track residency pathways for certain occupations, and consists of two tiers.

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Our process is tried and true, easy to follow, and our experts will be alongside you every step of the way.

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7 steps

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Step 1

Free appraisal, reviewed by our New Zealand-based team

Step 2

Free 15-minute call with our Journey Manager

Step 3

MyVisaPath – our paid assessment, carried out by our Licensed Immigration Advisers, to give you a personalised report and total clarity of your options

Step 4

MyVisaPath 45-minute consultation with our Licensed Immigration Advisers to review your personalised report and discuss your pathway to NZ!

Step 5

Our visa team lodge and prepare your visa for New Zealand

Step 6

Our International Recruitment team offer you employment support

Step 7

Our relocation experts support you with your move to New Zealand

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Welcome to your new home in New Zealand

Step 1: Free Appraisal

Our free appraisal determines whether or not we can help you make the move to New Zealand.

It only takes two minutes to complete!

Jump online now and get the ball rolling.

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Step 2: Book a call

After reviewing your visa appraisal, if we can help you, one of our Journey and Migration Agents will have a one-on-one call with you to explain your options and prepare you for a full assessment – MyVisaPath – our FernMark licensed immigration service!

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Step 3: Complete MyVisaPath

MyVisaPath is a paid assessment, designed by our expert immigration team to give you total clarity on your pathway to New Zealand.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will write a full report unique to you and take you through your best pathway in a 45-minute consultation.MyVisaPath is the best way to set your move to New Zealand up for success.

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Step 4: MyVisaPath 45-minute consultation

This is a full consultation with a Licensed Immigration Adviser to talk through your unique situation and discuss your best plan forwards.

After this call you will have a clear view on what’s ahead and the necessary steps to getting your dream life in New Zealand!

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Step 5: Visa processing

Immigration paper work can often be the biggest headache when it comes to managing a move to a new country.

We take care of all the nitty gritty, removing the stress and risk factor of doing it yourself.

You can sit back and relax as our Licensed Immigration Advisers process your visa and keep you up to date on its progress.

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Step 6: Employment support

Our employment support portal, MyMove, gives you all the tools you need for your New Zealand job search and beyond. Once you apply, we’ll vouch for you and your ability to move, helping you overcome the biggest barrier to securing a job.

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Step 7: Relocation support

You’ve got the job, you’ve got the visa, now it’s time to get to New Zealand!

Our Relocation team works with expert global relocation companies to help you make the move.

From flights and pet relocation all the way to opening a bank account, we help you get settled fast and enjoy your move in comfort. We even have a dedicated support portal for settling here, filled with useful information like using public transport and joining your new local community.

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Your new life begins here. We're experts in jobs, visas and relocation

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