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Electronics Engineer | Jobs in New Zealand

Electronics Engineer

Electronics Engineers, there has never been a better time than now to move to New Zealand, with the occupation being selected by the New Zealand Government to be eligible for the straightforward ‘Straight to Residency’ pathway on tier 1 of the Green list 


As international recruitment and immigration specialists, we have been helping professionals find their home in New Zealand for 25 years, from jobs to visas and relocation we’re with you every step of the way.


We are partnered with a large number of employers throughout New Zealand and as the preferred agency for overseas applicants, we will consider all applications.  


Once we have reviewed your application, we will advise you of next steps.


Please note, that as immigration specialists, the initial contact will be with our immigration team as it’s important that we know your immigration eligibility before you apply for actual roles.


About this role:

Designs, develops, adapts, installs, tests, and maintains electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer, communication, command and warfare systems, entertainment, transport, and other industrial applications. Registration or licensing may be required.


Tasks include:

  • designing electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer, communication and control systems, command and warfare systems, and other industrial applications.
  • designing software, especially embedded software, to be used within such systems.
  • developing apparatus and procedures to test electronic components, circuits, and systems.
  • supervising installation and commissioning of computer, communication, and control systems, and ensuring proper control and protection methods
  • establishing and monitoring performance and safety standards and procedures for operation, modification, maintenance, and repair of such systems
  • designing communications bearers based on wired, optical fibre and wireless communication media.
  • analysing communications traffic and level of service, and determining the type of installation, location, layout, and transmission medium for communication systems
  • designing and developing signal processing algorithms and implementing these through appropriate choice of hardware and software
  • designing the architecture, modelling and integration of communication and control systems, command and warfare systems, and other industrial application