Moving to New Zealand: The Paperwork

When planning your move to New Zealand, customs will require you to have certain paperwork in order before you can emigrate. Here are the main documents to prepare for your move:

A valid passport

Check the date on your passport; if it is due to expire within six months of your intended date of travel to New Zealand, you should get it renewed as soon as possible.

A relevant visa

The type of visa you apply for will depend on your circumstances. For example, moving for a job you’ve already been offered requires a different visa to moving to look for work. For more information about applying for a New Zealand visa, click here.

Unaccompanied personal baggage declaration

This form, also known as a NZCS 218, must be completed to document all unaccompanied goods you intend to ship to New Zealand, along with a descriptive inventory of the goods.

Supplementary Declaration for Personal Effects

While not mandatory, it is recommended that you complete this form to avoid a biosecurity inspection of your goods at your cost and a potential delay of your shipment.

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