Top 10 reasons your life will improve if you move to New Zealand

06 August 2016

To be fair, it has not been a great start to 2016, with all the nasty terrorism going on in the world, the Republicans choosing Trump as their candidate, and the UK voting to Brexit (well half of Britain). Down at the edge of the Pacific, NZ feels a little bit like a safe haven from the World’s troubles. Our Auckland office has taken the opportunity to look on the lighter side this month and put together a list of the top 10 lifestyle reasons to encourage you to join us Down Under.

  1. Staycations are awesome.  All across the world people are choosing to stay at home on their holidays. New Zealand’s choices for staycations are amazing! Whether it is skiing in Queenstown, exploring the lakes in Rotorua or the beautiful Northland beaches, you don’t have to travel far to have the best holidays. And Kiwis love their holidays, the entire country takes a month off at Christmas time!
  2. If you do get itchy feet then Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are only 3 hours away. And the beautiful islands: Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga are also only three hours flight. We are incredibly spoilt for choice that’s for sure!
  3. The NZ job market is currently booming.If you are interested in moving to New Zealand – you have probably heard that there are jobs a plenty at the moment in construction, trades, IT and in healthcare. If your skills are on Immigration’s Skills in Demand List, then take your opportunity to make the move.
  4. The average sunshine hours a week in Britain is 29.5 hours. Average in NZ is about 40. Blenheim, home of the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has 54 per week!
  5. With over 100 wineries and an exceptional growing climate you can enjoy some of the world’s best wines in New Zealand. Many wineries have lovely restaurants or tasting rooms where you can buy a picnic and enjoy the views for a few hours, a summer day outing to add to the bucket list.
  6. In any Quality of Life survey, Auckland ranks in the Top 5 of cities to live. With a diverse and thriving lifestyle, Auckland certainly boasts something for almost everyone.
  7. Should you meet criteria you can apply for residence and after 2 years apply for Permanent Residence. After that you can apply for citizenship and get a Kiwi passport!
  8. New Zealanders are world famous for being friendly. Most of the people at the Working In office are migrants and we all agree that Kiwi hospitality was a big reason for wanting to move.
  9. Work hard, relax hard. Kiwis work a good week and then like to down tools and grab a beer. Weekends are precious and saved for family, relaxing with friends, watching sport and being out in the country.
  10. And as we mentioned at the top of the blog, we do feel safer in New Zealand. Yes, there is crime but we know that we are a small island down here and there is peace of mind in our small numbers

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