Jan 8, 2018

3 reasons line mechanics and other electrical specialists should move to New Zealand

Why should line mechanics and other electrical specialists move to New Zealand?

As an electrician, you’ll know how in demand your skills are. Whether you’re rewiring an entire building, or taking care of a long-standing problem on an industrial site, electricians are vital in ensuring that the world remains switched on – wherever you are in the world. Therefore, your experience, skills and qualifications often mean that you can work wherever you like – so what reason do you have for staying put in the same old place your whole life?

New Zealand, for example, is crying out for skilled, qualified electricians to help plug the gaping holes in the current workforce – with line mechanics in particular demand. Not only does the country boast an incredible lifestyle that can’t be matched, but it’s welcoming electricians with open arms.

Here are three reasons why you should consider New Zealand when looking to boost your career.

1. Big opportunities for migrant electricians

We weren’t lying when we told you that electricians are in hot demand in New Zealand right now. According to the New Zealand government’s own careers website, the chances of landing a job in this sector are rated as ‘good’ due to the ongoing construction boom and the shortage of local workers to keep things ticking along.

That construction boom is expected to last until at least 2020, giving you a good two years to get yourself in gear. This is partly down to the continued rebuild of Christchurch, devastated during the 2011 earthquakes, and the ongoing expansion of Wellington and Auckland.  Additionally, building work is underway to improve existing housing that has fallen into disrepair, as well as those that are prone to earthquake damage.

As New Zealand looks to the future, the country is heavily investing in renewable energy sources, chiefly wind and solar. These systems are becoming increasingly popular, and require specialist knowledge to set up, as do smart houses – and that’s where you come in.

The New Zealand government states that there are around 13,000 electricians at work in New Zealand right now. That might seem a lot, but it’s nowhere near enough to get everything done – we need more! As such, the trade finds itself on the New Zealand government’s long-term skilled shortage list, which can make it easier for skilled, experienced professionals to make the move from overseas.

Line mechanics actively needed

Line mechanics are always in hot demand – in fact, we have the opportunity for you to meet one of New Zealand’s leading providers of engineering, construction and maintenance services to assist owners in the utility, industrial, commercial, resources, and infrastructure sectors in South Africa or the UK this March – and again, Careers NZ lists the chances of landing a job in this field as ‘good’. Experienced line mechanics can earn up to NZ$100,000 a year, and that shortage of workers shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

That’s because the New Zealand government continues to spend big on electricity and broadband internet infrastructure to make sure that the national grid keeps pace, as well as ensuring that NZ isn’t left behind when it comes to ultra-fast broadband.

We’ve already talked about the shortage of line mechanics in New Zealand. As with electricians, they too appear on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skilled shortage list. You’ll also find them on the Canterbury skilled shortage list, what with the continuing rebuild work going on in the region.

You get to live in NZ

Of course! Furthering your career is a big plus point in any professional development program, but why should you pass up the opportunity to do it in one of the most scenic countries on Earth? That’s right – you can leave the grey skies, endless rain and faceless tower blocks of home behind, and swap them for acres of untouched forest, sky-piercing mountains, glassy lakes and just about every other natural feature you can think of.

The lifestyle here is laidback – we work hard, but we play just as hard! That means a day at work is usually followed up by an evening on the ski slopes, out on the beach, or perhaps with a few hours’ quiet fishing time. You’ll have seen NZ on the TV before, right? When has it ever look grim or unappealing?

That’s why we’re here to help skilled professionals such as yourself finally make the move!

Start your journey to New Zealand…

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