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Oct 7, 2012

Live in New Zealand: you want to break free?

Our Marketing Manager Julie waxes lyrical about the lifestyle in New Zealand – including award-winning wines, delicious antipasto platters and spectacular scenic drives. Be warned: you may want to pack up your bags and hop on the next plane when you get to the end of this.

In the words of the immortal Freddy Mercury, the scope to do just that in NZ is truly endless. In fact, on your doorstep is sea, sun, sand, bungy jumping, skiing and boating to name just a few.

On that very note I would like (or should I say love) to share an experience with you that whilst not energetic, was incredibly pleasant and satisfying. To set the scene, it’s mid-Sunday morning, the sun is shining so brightly against the azure blue sky, and the ocean is sparkling too. Oh yes, you get to see serious peeks of the pacific ocean throughout the drive to this destination.

Sidebar: one tends to get an ocean vista regularly living on the Auckland Isthmus.

Back to the story, the car journey is leisurely, about a 50-minute drive heading north from central Auckland. Taking you over the harbour bridge (a bungy jumper or bridge walker’s dream), along state highway one, then through the new shortish tunnel. Upon reaching the picturesque town of Warkworth there is sign post pointing to Snells Beach a short 10-minute drive landing us firmly in this amazing place called Brick Bay which is a wee cove that falls away from the main Snells Beach Road. Then winding your way down to the amazing destination known as the Brick Bay Vineyard.

To complete the scene and decadence too, imagine this, you’re sitting in a lovely airy pavilion surrounded by original sculptures overlooking a duck pond with glass of BBV’s very best in hand plus a delicious antipasto platter …. total bliss! You can tell that I am going to highly recommend this amazing spot, plus endorse the many more award-winning vineyards upon which NZ’s wine making reputation is built.

Above is a wee peek of just one of the many fabulous sculptures at BBV that can be spotted as you drive in – Rugby World Cup sheep! A very special creation for this major sporting event.

If that’s whet your appetite, see more at Brick Bay Wines website.

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