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Dec 28, 2016

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa

According to Immigration New Zealand “Entrepreneurs” are either self-employed or have a hands-on management role in a business they own (either wholly or partly). In this category, Immigration New Zealand looks for a combination of proven business skills, a strong plan, and accessible the ability to finance it.

How to get it

You’ll need to present a convincing business plan, and demonstrate that your business will bring “significant benefit to New Zealand.” That can mean a range of things, such as creating jobs, developing new technology, or finding and expanding new export markets. You’ll also need to meet minimum health and good character requirements.

If you want to be supported and have more certainty around your outcome, get a free appraisal from us so we can help you apply for your Investment Visa.

What it means

If you hold an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you’ll have 12 months to establish a viable business that complies with the plan you presented in your application. If you achieve that and continue to meet good health and character requirements, then Immigration may grant you a further 2 years, at the end of which you may apply for residency. In some cases, people who hold an Entrepreneur Work Visa can apply for residency after only 6 months.

What else?

  • You’ll need a minimum of $100,000 NZD to invest in your business.
  • You must not have been involved in a bankruptcy or business failure within 5 years of the date of your application.
  • You must be completely clear of fraud, malpractice or business impropriety
  • You must meet Immigration New Zealand’s good health and character requirements.

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