Why are IT professionals moving to New Zealand?

21 June 2017

Should you ask the average person on the street where they believe the world’s best IT jobs are found; it’s likely that they’d reply ‘Silicon Valley, California’ or anywhere in Japan. After all, these places have built an unrivalled reputation as leaders in the technology sector over several decades, but that doesn’t mean they’re the be all and end all when looking to further your IT career.

Right now, New Zealand is an up-and-coming hotbed of opportunity with regards to the information technology sector. Not only does the country boast an idyllic lifestyle that few others can hope to match, but it’s also actively looking for qualified, experienced IT professionals to fly on over and join its ranks.

Here are three reasons why you should consider New Zealand when looking for your next IT job.

1. New Zealand is crying out for IT professionals

There can be no debate about it – IT professionals are in big demand in New Zealand right now. Indeed, there are more than 10,000 registered firms active in the information technology sector, according to New Zealand Now – and the same source states that employment in IT rose by 12 per cent in 2014.

These are numbers that are only expected to increase as time goes on, making NZ an ever more enticing prospect for skilled IT workers looking to make the next step up in their career. According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, IT businesses, more than any other sector, stated that they have more and more jobs opening up and that these vacancies are becoming increasingly difficult to fill.

You should strike while the iron’s hot…

2. It’s a booming business right now

As an IT professional, you’ll doubtless have a great head for figures, so here are a few for you. According to Stats NZ, the IT sector accounts for some NZ$30 billion per annum, and this amount is currently growing at around nine percent each year. With such vast amounts of money involved in the industry, it’s perhaps no surprise that New Zealand’s technology sector has little trouble competing on a global scale.

New Zealand Now reports that exports are growing at around nine percent each year, with sales totalling $930 million in 2014. With a great raft of reputable technology giants setting up shop in New Zealand, opportunities are plentiful. What skilled, qualified IT professional wouldn’t want a slice of that juicy pie?

3. A range of disciplines to choose from

A large majority of IT jobs in New Zealand appear on what is known as the ‘Skill Shortage List’, a measure designed to help qualified professionals move to New Zealand should their expertise fall into a category on it. The Skills Shortage List itself is pretty self-explanatory – it’s where the New Zealand government have deemed there are shortfalls in certain professions that need to be filled. Should your discipline appear on the list, it can mean that getting a work visa or the path to residency is made that little bit smoother.

As the IT sector is such a huge, multi-faceted beast, there are are several different disciplinesthat appear on the Skills Shortage List, both short and long-term. These include business analyst, software engineer, database administrator and security specialist, so whatever your field of expertise, it’s well worth taking a look to see if you qualify as a skilled migrant. With work available in both the big cities and more rural locations, you can choose the lifestyle you’ve always wanted – a Kiwi one!

Be sure to get in touch with our expert team if you’re an IT professional looking to move to New Zealand – we look forward to hearing from you or find jobs in New Zealand.

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