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Aug 6, 2016

Why it makes sense to relocate to New Zealand?

New Zealand has always been known for its dynamic and stunning scenery, friendly people and great (if not changeable) weather. It always ranks highly on most people’s lists of “must visit” countries. But now, New Zealand is screaming out for people to relocate there to work for long term stints or even permanently.

Mark Morrison (a kiwi), is the International Operations Manager for recruitment company – New Zealand Skills in Demand, and is based in the London Office.

Here he looks at five reasons why New Zealand is a country you should be seriously considering; what the next steps are for you to make a successful move; and how NZ Skills in Demand can help you make it all a reality.

Five Reasons to Consider making the move to New Zealand

1. Ease of life

New Zealand is blessed with large amounts of space, and a relatively small population. Although the land mass is similar to that of the UK, there are 4.5 million people in New Zealand, versus 60+ million in the United Kingdom. Therefore commuting is generally quicker and less stressful. The time you save on your commute can be spent with your family or friends doing the things you want to do. People say this contributes to happier and more relaxed way of life.

2. Construction activity

New Zealand’s economy is being driven by a very strong construction industry. The Christchurch earthquake (which happened in February 2011) rebuild and development is not yet half way through and has a budget in excess of $40 billion.

The impact of this amount of money being spent in a small city like Christchurch (population circa 375,000) is unprecedented anywhere in the world.

Auckland (which is New Zealand’s largest city at 1.5 million) and Wellington, as well as Tauranga and Queenstown are also experiencing increase in construction activity and skills shortages. Projects include commercial construction projects, new residential developments and homes, railway infrastructure and new motorways, expressways and by-passes. The demand for staff far outweighs the supply from the local market.

Because of this activity employers are now starting to consider the option of international candidates. Understanding how to connect with willing and able New Zealand employers is the challenge for international candidates. This is where we come into play.

3. New Zealand provides free secular education

Attendance at state funded schools is free from ages 5-16, and most children start at, or soon after, their 5th birthday. With the better weather and quieter roads, a lot of children walk or bicycle to school. Schools fit in with our more relaxed outlook on life with no big security gates and walls. Children are welcomed with open arms upon when visiting a potential new school, with teachers or a principal often engaged in a meet and greet. And children have opportunities to try their hand at various subjects as well as extra-curricular sporting, musical and cultural activities.

4. Job Security and Permanent, full-time Contracts

For a lot of people, the move to a new country can be a daunting prospect. The stress of not gaining a job once in a new country is a worry.

The good thing with New Zealand’s immigration policy is that 99% of people will require a job offer in order to get a visa into the country (your eligibility should be confirmed with a licensed immigration advisor). Initially this may seem like an additional hoop to jump through – however instead of spending time and effort (not to mention money) in gaining a visa for a new country without the security of a job, wouldn’t it be better to secure a job contract first, before making the investment in things such as medicals, visas, shipping and flights?

This is the way the process typically plays out for those immigrating to New Zealand, and New Zealand Skills in Demand is there to help you through the interview process.

A lot of people working in the UK and other parts of the world are often self-employed and are regularly stressed about where the next contract, project and pay-cheque is coming from. When the work is on offer it makes sense to take it. This doesn’t make for the most balanced lifestyle.

The contracts that candidates are receiving through New Zealand Skills in Demand clients are permanent and full time so you won’t need to be self-employed – meaning weekends and weeknights aren’t spent on paperwork, business development and invoicing. Instead they are spent Mountainbiking, skiing, fishing or at the beach!

5. People are staying in NZ, or moving back home from Australia.

For the first time since 1991, net Migration figures between New Zealand and Australia is now in favour of New Zealand (traditionally a lot of kiwis moved to Australia to live and work). This is a combination of kiwis living in Australia deciding to move home given the flattening of the Australia market, and the strengthening New Zealand market; kiwis who would have traditionally moved to Australia are now staying put, and finally some Australians are making the move to New Zealand. With these stats speaking for themselves, it seems clear that New Zealand is a place for you to strongly consider too.

What’s the Next Step?

Keen to take the move to the next step? Or maybe you or the family still need more convincing? Then sign up for an upcoming “This is New Zealand” seminar. This is a small and intimate event which is presented by kiwis and covers all aspects of living (e.g. way of life, cost of living, housing, health care & schooling system) and working in New Zealand. Held in Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester throughout the year.

How New Zealand Skills in Demand can help you.

Being Kiwis, we love to help. We focus on placing candidates in the trades and construction industry, as well as some roles in the accounting, finance and IT sectors.

Our free service includes providing you expert local knowledge on life in New Zealand, help getting your CV and other documents ready for the New Zealand market- so you know it will be presented in a way that works local recruiters and employers.

We can provide free CV and written reference templates. With offices in London (UK) and Christchurch (NZ) we can help you right through the process from start to finish, including an airport pick up in Christchurch if that’s where you end up!

Start your journey to New Zealand…

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