Aug 14, 2017

Building the future of NZ’s infrastructure: How can you get involved?

Why New Zealand is the place to be for construction and engineering professionals

New Zealand is a country in the midst of a construction and engineering boom right now with billions of dollars of committed infrastructure projects and record low 4.8% unemployment. The ongoing Christchurch rebuild and continuing development of large cities such as Auckland and Wellington means that skilled, experienced professionals are always in hot demand, but there aren’t always enough workers to fill the gaps.

Sound familiar? international construction and engineering sectors have always relied upon the help of expat workers coming in to help them keep on schedule, and New Zealand is no different. Look at it this way – New Zealand is roughly the same size as the UK, but has a population of just over four million compared to the UK’s near 70 million – so it’s easy to see where that shortage comes from. And, with several important projects in the pipeline, Kiwi firms will be looking overseas once again to ensure their enterprises are completed on schedule, within budget.

Building a better New Zealand with HEB Construction

Several of these reputable companies will be joining Working In for our two UK expos this September. One of them, HEB Construction, is especially keen to talk to civil engineers, structural engineers, transport engineers, foremen, task managers and a whole host of others as it prepares to continue work on the Transmission Gully project in Wellington and the Northern Corridor project above Auckland, among a raft of other projects.

It’s well worth your time taking a minute or five to see what HEB Construction are all about. You’ll note that one of their company goals is to make your role at the firm the best you’ve ever had. That might seem a tall order, but this is a company that thinks big, and will leave a lasting impression on the future of New Zealand’s infrastructure. If you want to be a part of that future – and who wouldn’t? – be sure to come and visit their team in London and Manchester this September. If you work in engineering and construction – now is the best time to secure a job in New Zealand together with a New Zealand Residency visa.

They’ll be eager to talk to you about the whole range of career opportunities they have on offer, what those roles involve, and just where you’ll fit in. Additionally, our expert team of visa advisers will be on-hand to guide you through every step of the immigration process, which can, at first glance, seem a little daunting. Never fear – we’ve been helping skilled professionals move to New Zealand for the best part of 20 years, and are well-equipped to deal with any roadblock that might come up.

New to New Zealand?

Of course, you wouldn’t simply be coming to the Land Of The Long White Cloud just to work. You’ll be landing in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, renowned for its unrivalled natural beauty, modern cities and endless coastline. These are just a few of the reasons your jaw will be agape when you step off the plane – but that’s the sort of stuff you can read in any travel guide, anywhere. When you come and see us, you’ll get the inside info on all things New Zealand – the coolest little towns to visit, the secret paths, the best beers.

That’s just talking about the country itself – how about the lifestyle? The Kiwis are big fans of a decent work/life balance, with hard work matched by the time they put in casting a line, going for an ocean swim or firing up the barbecue (just like our Aussie neighbours) – whatever takes your fancy. Just to give you a little more information to help you make up your mind, we’ve put together a neat little article on why skilled professionals should make the move to New Zealand – so have a read when you get the chance, it’s sure to have you dreaming of a life more Kiwi.

To find out more about our upcoming expos, anything to do with the immigration process or the companies visiting the UK with us in September, contact our friendly team, who’ll be happy to help.

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